Tuesday, December 2, 2014

See your body from the inside by unmatched microscopic images

These amazing images of the cells of the human body have been captured by the electron microscope

In the small intestine
Taste buds on the tongue 
A nerve cell

Tip of a human hair

Fertilization process,after
five days
Blind spot in the retina

Red blood cells
embryo 6-day-old 

Pictures of 10 most famous and the most valuable pieces of diamonds in the world

Diamond jewelry of the most expensive in the world and there are some pieces value between all the pieces

The Spirit Of de Grisogono : grey
The Hope Diamond : grey 
 The Golden Jubilee : grey 

The Cullingam1 : grey

 The Idols Eye : grey 

 Koh-1-noor/mountain Of Light : grey 
” The Orlov : grey 
The Florentine : grey 
 The Heat Of Eternity : grey 
 The MoussaieFF Red : grey