Friday, January 9, 2015

Featured Photos of the sunset at the seaside

Featured Photos of the sunset at the seaside

Great pictures of the stunning views of the finest footage filmed during the sunset

غروب الشمس في سماء تركيا

See photoes......... beautiful views of adoration and love between husbands in wildlife

Many believe that love is only between humans and today prove to them photoes.  the most beautiful scenes that show the love between animals from birds and pets and non pets

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Very facetious.....images of child sleeps with a dog are spread on the Internet

 newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain ....has recently published a collection of photos that show child Bo sleeps with his dog, Theo, and received a large number  of  Likes

See Photos ...... funny Positions showing how children themselves cornered In strange places

These attitudes and images that captures Tarifa material has become, but it is also painful, and sends a warning to parents to monitor their children, especially when  absent  from the eye

Photos ... a shark jumps 5 meters in the air to capture its prey

Spent "Chris" long hours so he can pick up this rare moment that does not happen very often because the sharks in spite of their large size, But they more animals terrifying than the idea out of the water, but what forced him to break  habit and jump on this rise is the hunger Who felt by,

قرش يقفز 5 أمتار في الهواء ليلتقط فريسته

Pictures.... very strange man live with 6 Tigers of and two lions !

This guy plays wrestling with these animals in order not to lose their instinctive skill in hunting, and takes the necessary precautions before, such as not allowing them to approach the neck, in addition to being fed about 700 kg of meat per week