Monday, November 24, 2014

Foods help strengthen the sexual ability for men and women

Offer you here are some foods that improve sexual ability for couples

- Honey: Contains compounds and foodstuffs pair gives a shipment of energy and activity
Berries: Berries that describes some of the natural Viagra for his role in the resolution of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction problem, because it is rich in fiber

- Onions: private genitive vinegar or cooked meat increases the sexual ability

Fish, shrimp and shellfish marine phosphorus: works to strengthen the men sexual ability

Bananas: helps reduce blood cholesterol and speed of flow to the genitals

Nuts: Contains omega-3, which is among the unsaturated fats, and this component increases the activity of the man significantly


  1. Can you say some natural anaphrodisiacs to quit coitus?

  2. Just dont over do it........ everything is bad if you consume too much

  3. Food can do all that lol